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Demineralized units, one of the important technologies used in pure water production, have significant advantages such as low operating costs, no need for permanent personnel and better quality than the other systems in the quality of the effluent. Demineralised units designed specifically for high quality pure water processes. Purified water is used to purify all remaining ions after passing through pre-treatment units to obtain final purified water. These systems, which are designed especially for well water, glass industry, dialysis centers, hot water boiler feed water, cosmetics, cleaner manufacturing plants and factories with high water requirement are widely used today.

Product description

Full automatic demineralization units are projected in two stages. In the first unit, cation ions are trapped in the water by using cation-removing synthetic resins to provide hydrogen cycling in the first unit. In the latter unit, all anion ions in the water are trapped in order to provide hydroxide conversion. H + ions from the first unit and OH ions from the second unit are combined to form H2O.


  • AISI 316 Stainless Steel Feeding and Circulation Pumps
  • Carbon Steel Tanks
  • Pneumatic Actuated Diaphragm Valves
  • 4-6 Bar Working Pressure
  • PVC Surface Boring
  • Control Panel, PLC s7 200 and Operator Panel
  • Blower
  • Strong Cationic and Strong Anionic Resins
  • Acid and Caustic Regeneration System
  • Dilution Panel and Stainless Steel Dilution Pump
  • Neutralization System
  • Standard production up to 100m3 / h Capacity


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