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Ultrafiltration systems are membrane filtration systems that allow turbidity, bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms to reach up to 99% of suspended solids without the need for chemical use with a membrane structure with a diameter of 0.02 micron poros. Ultra Filtration (UF) is a process for the purification of water, where the substances in water and low molecular weight pass through a membrane while the particles, colloids and macromolecules are kept out. Semi-permeable membrane flow is achieved by applying a pressure gradient between the inner and outer walls of the membrane structure.

Product Description

The typical pore size of ultrafiltration membranes is in the range of 0.01-0.10 urn, and the bacteria are high removal capacity for most viruses, colloids and silt, which allows separation and purification. Ultrafiltration offers the possibility to concentrate high molecular weight components without heat application and phase change. For UF applications, the pressure is between 1 and 15 bar. These pressure values are very small compared to reverse osmosis applications.


  • Vertical Type Membrane Module
  • Stainless Steel Backwash Pump
  • Chemical Washing – Reverse Washing Units
  • PLC Control System and Operator
  • Automatic Valves
  • Flowmeter
  • Manometer
  • Automatic Control Unit
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel Chasis

Using Ultra Filtration in Welding Water Bottle
It provides bottled water bottles without changing the chemical properties of the spring water. UF can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. With such a high filtration efficiency, the UF is an excellent barrier for drinking water applications.
Ultra Filtration Use in the Food and Beverage Industry
The UF technique separates the aquatic life completely from the water and can be used to provide process water.
Advantages of the UF Technique for the Food and Drink Sector

* UF units produce STERILE WATER as they filter the water at a level of 0.02 microns.
* UF units are low and resistant to high pH chemicals and high chlorine water as high as 200 ppm. For this reason, disinfection of UF is done very successfully.
* UF units easily dispatch their assigned contributions. For this reason it is sufficient to filter the water at 100-150 microns before UF,
* Filtration with UF is performed with water pressure of 3 bar, so the operation is low.
* Filtration with UF is performed with water pressure of 3 bar, so the operation is low.
* When the UF system self-flushes itself, it only sprays 3% to 5% of the water supply.
* UF units are long-lived, often not replaced like filter cartridges.
* UF system takes up very little space.

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