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What is Gray Water Treatment?

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20 April 2017
What is Gray Water Treatment?

What is Gray Water Treatment?

Gray water is the portion of domestic waste water that does not contain toilet water. That is, the waste from the shower, washbasin, bathtub and kitchen. Detergents, shampoos, dish water, hair, fabric particles, such as fragile items. Except for toilet wastes in domestic wastewater, the process of purifying the water coming from the shower, washbasin and bathtub is called gray water treatment. Recovery can be achieved by including gray water in the water drained from the laundry. By purifying the gray water, it is possible to obtain water for use without drinking water quality. Wastewater recycled with gray water treatment systems is used in toilets, general cleaning work and garden irrigation. The purpose of recovering gray water is to use gray water as domestic water instead of drinking water where we do not need water as drinking water. Gray water can be used as treatment or irrigation water by treating it. Gray water is generally used for garden irrigation, toilet and general cleaning works. By purifying this water both waste water is reduced and water consumption of the network is decreased in the facilities and houses. Thus, water consumption costs due to water usage are also reduced.

What are the advantages of the Gray Water Treatment System?

1. Reduction of network water usage.

2. Reduction of water usage costs in places where there is a lot of use of sinks such as hotels, social facilities and schools.

3. Protection of our natural resources.

4. Gray Water is a valuable water source in places where water resources are low.


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